Reflections on Restaurant Life

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Reflections on Restaurant Life|

Oh, where to start? This post might be the trickiest one to write out of this entire mini series. It is really difficult to sum up my entire experience working in the restaurant in one post. Nearly impossible really.

But as I already mentioned, it is also something I’ve been wanting to talk about for an equally long time. I also feel like it is only fair, since I chronicled my entire experience in culinary school, that I also talk about what it was like to go from culinary school to the life of a full-time restaurant line cook.

After finishing six months of intensive training in the classroom, my classmates and I embarked on a required paid restaurant externship. Our school called this period an ‘externship’, because we were still students and had to complete a certain number of hours on the job, but in reality, my restaurant considered and treated me as a full-time employee. And I felt the same way.

Fresh Mint Ginger Lemonade

Fresh Mint Ginger Lemonade |

I think I’m officially on a ginger kick. That ice cream last week, and now this lemonade. It is just so refreshing! I get on these food kicks (i.e. asparagus) and can’t help myself. Once I use an ingredient, my brain can’t switch gears. It just keeps churning out ideas…for the same...

Fried Cauliflower Steaks with Honey + Hot Sauce


I’m going to keep today’s post short and sweet. Actually, in this specific case…spicy and sweet. This is mainly due to the fact that I stayed up way too late last night discussing wedding tents and wedding room capacities. And, as a result, I feel like eating all.the.fried.foods. Today’s dish is a vegetarian play...

Reflections on Culinary School: Part II

Culinary School Reflections |

Read more about this mini blog post series here and here!  The mini series continues! After you all so graciously allowed me to ramble on and on last week, I’m back to ramble on a little bit more.  Since I already explained how I came to the decision to go to...

Bain-Marie Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes + Goat Cheese

Bain-Marie Scrambled Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes + Goat Cheese |

Well, apparently the universe took my complaint of the heat to heart! I might even wake up to see a few snow flurries this morning. Definition of karma right there. And yet, I’m secretly thrilled because it means I can sleep in total comfort (freezing temperatures) all night long....

Ginger Ice Cream with Chocolate Bits

Ginger Ice Cream with Chocolate Bits |

It’s that time of year! And by that I mean that I’ve already complained about it being too hot. Feel free to hate me. I think my body is struggling to recover from the winter that we just had. I need time to adjust! Temperatures over 80 degrees feel...

Reflections on Culinary School: Part Uno

Reflections on Culinary School |

Eep. Thank you for all of the positive feedback yesterday! You made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As promised, I’m back with the first post of this mini series. Today I’m going to give you a little bit of a background on how I came to the...

Reflections on Culinary School

Reflections on Culinary School |

Oy! I can already tell that this is going to be a long one. Brace yourself. I have been avoiding this post for a very (emphasis on very) long time. More than a year to be exact. As contradictory as it sounds, it is actually a topic that I’ve wanted...