Olive Oil Stracciatella Ice Cream

A twist on a classic Italian stracciatella ice cream. Creamy olive oil ice cream made with extra virgin olive oil and flecked with semi-sweet chocolate bits! 

Olive Oil Stracciatella Ice Cream. A delicious ice cream made with olive oil and dark chocolate!

It has been over six months since I last shared an ice cream recipe and it’s about time that we do something about that. Don’t you think? After all, it’s August. One the of year’s prime ice cream eating months.

To be fair, I actually had plans to share an equally as fun ice cream recipe with you months ago, but thanks to a few epic and frustrating fails, that didn’t end up happening. Before long, I was wrapping my ice cream maker (I use this one and really like it!) in bubble wrap and packing it up for our move.

Olive Oil Stracciatella Ice Cream. A delicious ice cream made with olive oil and dark chocolate!

So, as I was organizing our new kitchen, I immediately searched out the ice cream maker and popped it into our freezer. It has a permanent home there at the moment.

There’s nothing worse than having an urge (or burst of creative energy!) to make ice cream and realizing that your ice cream bowl has not sufficiently chilled and you will have to wait over 24 hours–at minimum–to accomplish that goal. Really, that is the worst.

You want ice cream = the bowl is never chilled. You don’t particularly feel like ice cream = your bowl has been occupying your freezer for months. Isn’t that a law or something?

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