M&M Holiday Mint Chocolate Cookies

M&M Holiday Mint Chocolate Cookies

Three cheers for sugar week on the blog! I worried (a teensy bit) about posting too many sweet recipes in a row, and then realized that that is why the holidays are so darn special.

Don’t worry, I’m not even done. There is another insanely festive (and frozen) holiday treat coming to the blog on Monday. Prepare your waistbands. Things are about to get real.

Ok, so I know that everyone and their mother is posting holiday cookie recipes right now, but I’m adding one more to the pile! These cookies have it all! Chocolate, cocoa powder, peppermint extract, and lots of one of my favorite holiday candies: M&M holiday mints.

M&M Holiday Mint Chocolate Cookies

My family has a tradition of putting bowls of these holiday mints on the Christmas table to snack on all day, and I can’t resist them for the life of me!

Those candies are dangerous.  I’ve always had a huge crush on peppermint or mint anything.

I think I inherited it from my late grandmother, Mima, who used to have a drawer-full of York peppermint patties in her house. A visit never went by without me eating several of them in one sitting. And mint chocolate chip ice cream remains my all-time favorite ice cream to this day.

I’m ridiculously predictable.

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