Strawberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Macerated Strawberries and Basil

Strawberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Macerated Strawberries and Basil

You guys! I literally can’t believe it. The big day has come and gone! It was the fastest day of my entire life and here I am, writing to you for the first time almost an entire week after the wedding. Where has the time gone? No, seriously, where has the time gone?! Everything went absolutely perfectly and we could not have asked for a more special weekend.

It didn’t rain (in fact, the weather could not have been better), we didn’t forget anything at our hotels, the dress fit (thank god), all of our vendors showed up when they were supposed to show up, the venue gardens could not have looked more beautiful, and I didn’t fall down the aisle…once. Miracle in and of itself.

I did end up crying hysterically at my maid-of-honor’s speech, accidentally gave myself a Hitler mustache with an anemone flower’s pollen (the words, “I look like Hitler on my wedding day!” escaped out of my panicked lips more than once), and destroy my wedding shoes (and I literally mean, destroy) in the process…but those are stories for a different day!

Strawberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Macerated Strawberries and Basil

If you don’t mind indulging me, I cannot wait to share more about the big day, along with lots of wedding photographs (it takes a few weeks, so bear with me!) when the time comes. In the meantime, if you want to see little snippets of the weekend and our mini-moon in Charlottesville, I’ve been sharing a few on Instagram along the way! [#ConnorandLaura]

[On a separate note, please send happy thoughts to Connor’s grandmother, who broke her hip tearing it up on the dance floor on Saturday night, but is now recovering well from surgery and heading home this afternoon! She’s so spunky, and I hope I have half as much energy as she does when I’m her age.]

On a sweeter note, I’ve been waiting to share these Strawberry Buttermilk Panna Cottas with you for far too long! If you’ve ever prepared homemade panna cotta before, you know that it is one of the easiest desserts to throw together.

Majorly spring-y, springtime (or summertime) dessert right here. Elegant, colorful, and a great recipe that can be prepared well in advance for dinner guests. 

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