The Sunday Thymes

New York City Weekend

{Scenes from this weekend’s trip to NYC: Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, Ice Cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Radio City Music Hall, Flatiron Building}

  • I went here for the first time this weekend too! All the things! (This intervention mug was hilarious.)
  • A good shredded salad.
  • This stunning beet and goat cheese terrine. Layers!
  • Nothing is better than a homemade apple fritter!
  • 45 photos that will annoy you more than they should. OCD alert, they all annoy me so much!
  • Favorite vegetable ever.
Green Harissa & Egg Puff Pastry Breakfast Squares

See below for details on how to win a three-jar variety pack of Mina Harissa. Three winners will be selected! Woohoo.   So, this recipe was inspired by my absolute favorite breakfast as of late. I think I’ve made it five times in the last two weeks. I’ve been guilty of getting into a...


I have a confession. That picture up there was my attempt to pour maple syrup onto the center of the pancake. The good news? I’m only about five inches off. Things could be worse. I could have poured maple syrup all over the table (been there, done that). Word to the...

Roasted Shiitake and Asian Pear Salad with Miso-Sesame Vinaigrette

This is the second salad recipe (in a row, I might add) that has contained fruit! Who am I? Seriously though, this is new territory for me. In the past, I’ve always declared, with gusto, that I hate fruit in salad. Hate! In other words, I’m a stubborn 5-year-old at heart. But within...

Raspberry Picking at Butler's Orchard | @blogoverthyme

This weekend was filled with pleasant surprises! On Friday night, I headed over to my parents’ house for dinner and in the process of trying to sort through some stuff in my old room, I discovered a CD case full of gems! Oh my gosh, this is just as amazing...

Pomegranate Moscow Mule |

Pomegranate Moscow Mule

Friday calls for a cocktail! All that’s missing now is some cute copper mugs (excuse me while I go add some to my wedding registry). Remember when I mentioned that I had recently tried my first Moscow mule, and how I’ve never had an official cocktail? Well, after making these pomegranate Moscow...

Broken Farro Porridge with Coconut Milk, Almonds, & Roasted Plums

If I were going to list my all-time favorite breakfasts ever, this broken farro porridge would definitely be near the top of the list. Top five, for sure. And that is saying a lot, because I don’t normally consider myself an oatmeal or porridge person. I’m not even sure if oatmeal...

Beet, Peach, Burrata Salad with Candied Pistachios + Basil Oil

Can I ask a big favor of you all? Go out and buy peaches. Like now, and then go home and make this salad. This is the one summer recipe that you still have to make–and I don’t know how much longer good peaches will be available (maybe another week or two?),...